Reid, Thomas Mayne-The Quadroon


“The Quadroon” is one of the best literary works by the English writer Thomas Mayne Reid (1818—1883). The novel’s main hero, honourable and courageous Edward, has just left the college confines and takes a journey to the South of America. Aboard the ship, he meets graceful Creole Eugйnie Besanзon. Risking his life, he helps her rescue from the shipwreck. Eugйnie falls in love with Edward. But he, in his cherished ambitions, sees another girl. Who is she? What trials has the destiny stored up for him? The novel fascinates the reader with people’s beauty, their deeds, the unexpected reversals of the plot, colourful pictures of nature, interesting descriptions of the people’s life in the South of America, and evokes bright feelings of optimism.